Fighter's Friend Spagyric Tinctures

Fighter’s Friend Spagyric Tinctures

Fighter’s Friend spagyric tinctures are hand-crafted to meet the needs of martial artists and combat athletes.

  • Training, Performance & Recovery

  • Anti-Inflammatories & Adaptogens

  • Cognitive Function & Brain Health

  • Digestion & Sleep Optimisation

  • Immune Support

Fighter’s Friend spagyric tinctures differ from run-of-the-mill herbal tinctures in that they contain the full therapeutic profile of the given plant or herb. This means that Fighter’s Friend spagyric tinctures are much more potent and intensified than basic herbal tinctures.

Fighter’s Friend spagyric tinctures offer advantages in terms of concentration, digestion, bio-availability, and consistent effectiveness.

Fuel your fight, naturally … with Fighter’s Friend!

Dosage Guidelines

Take 10 drops directly under the tongue, or drink in any suitable liquid, twice daily (usually 30-45 minutes before training or performance). Observe and adjust the number of drops, dosage frequency and timing in order to achieve the best results.

WADA and USADA Status

The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) status of the plant-based ingredients utilised in Fighter’s Friend spagyric tinctures is that they are not prohibited.